Forex Trading and Women mentality

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Forex Trading and Women mentality

Post by ஆதித்தன் » Tue May 14, 2019 7:13 am

Forex began as a place where men discussed money things and women weren’t allowed. Time has changed, but female presence is growing slow. Why?

A century-long fight for woman’s rights has finally shaped up an almost gender-neutral world: these days, women can make career and life choices that are similar – with few exceptions – to those of men. However, trading and investing remain a “male” marketplace with only a small percentage of female players involved. How come? The reason might surprise you.

Before we take a glimpse into the mystery of female trading, let’s dwell upon some common myths explaining this phenomenon.

Women do tend to be more cautious about money and take fewer risks, but these qualities are actually great for trading. The truth is women actually make better traders than men – they skip the most common trading mistakes due to a very responsible approach to risk management and end up earning more. Greed and impulsiveness are nobody’s friends on the global market, and women are perfectly capable of taking reasonable risks without losing control. After all, they can handle kids, chores, and work at the same time – which brings us to the next myth.

If you want to trade well, you need to delve into the technicalities of it first. Some people believe that an average woman wouldn’t invest her time in something as time-consuming as technical and fundamental analysis. In fact, Forex attracts so many people precisely because it doesn’t require an economics degree and is comprehensible even to the newcomers. On top of that, one can find some free educational materials and learn Forex essentials in as little as a few weeks.

That said, it’s clear that none of these suggestions are legit enough to explain why trading isn’t popular among women. So, if money is genderless, why women won’t come to Forex?
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