What happen in MTV , if failed in crypto trading project?

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What happen in MTV , if failed in crypto trading project?

Post by ஆதித்தன் » Sat May 06, 2017 4:18 pm

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05/05/2017 15:44
I have invested some funds in Cryptocurrency Trading, just few points if anyone can clarify, it will be great:

1. I have invested using multiple processors, where will I be paid? In MTV Balance or Proportionally to all payment processor or to the payment processor with which I have invested the most?

2. I have send a BTC Transaction, but it may take some time to get confirmed, what if the transaction doesn't go through before the funding has been closed, will my payment be still accepted?

3. On the rare case of we losing more than 10%, it was said MTV will be providing the extra funds. From where does that fund will come? Selling RPs from the company account? If that is the case, will we have an option to get refund in RPs rather than cash?

Hoping to get a clear answer smile
Someone asked three questions in MTV daily post and still now, not got good answer from MTV CEO, and it's confirmed some secret plan inside 50K crypto currency trading project.

If they failed in trading, there is no possibilities with paying Royalty Positions. May be they will prepare SWAP for clearing FTQ accounts and 50K projects.
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